Filling Solutions
Supply chain stations
Product conveying
Logistic solutions
Weighing solutions
Process components
Process solutions
Special applications

Delaere Weighing and Bulk Filling Systems stays for ‘tailor made turnkey solutions’, worldwide applied in weighing, dosing and filling of bulk products.

Delaere engineers, produces, delivers, commissions and services its own equipment and peripheries in relation to a project.

Delaere is a flexible partner with a large variety of experience and is specialized in :
Filling Solutions Supply chain stations 
Fibc or BigBag filling stations 
Fixed octabin filling stations 
Mobile filling stations for Fibc or Bigbags 
Mobile filling stations for Octabins 
Filling units for bags 
Conveying units 
Pallet dispenser 
Sheet dispenser 
Lifting units 
Wrapping units 
Product conveying Logistic solutions 
Closed belt conveyor 
Open belt conveyor 
Screw conveyors 
Vibrating conveying tubes 
Pneumatic Conveying 
Bag Slitting Robot 
Octabin defolding robot 
Discharging unit  
Continuous Measuring Units 
Truck loading - discharging 
Weighbridges Weighing solutions 
Pitmounted weighbridges 
Above the ground weighbridges 
Scales and balances 
Weighing platforms 
Weighing components 
Metrologic & Weighing services 
Process components Process solutions 
Silos and hoppers 
Dosing valves 
Sampling Units 
Lump breakers 
Metaldetection & magnets 
Dedusting units 
Turn key projects  
Full process installations 
Clean room applications 
Special applications  
Working platforms & metal constructions 
Unique pieces 



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