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Delaere semi-automatic bigbag and octabin filling line for PMMA

Delaere supplied a semi-automatic bigbag and octabin filling line for a producer of PMMA pellets in the Far East. One of the customer requests is to fill single, double and triple stacked bigbags.

Delaere automatic sampling systems equipped with carrousel

To control the quality of the product to be filled, Delaere can add an automatic sampling system to its bigbag and octabin filling systems.

Delaere mobile Bigbag and Octabin filling station equipped with a liner heat sealing system

Delaere supplied a mobile FIBC/Octabin filling station for a PA-6 producer in Germany.

Delaere mobile FIBC filling container including inkjet printing system

Delaere supplied a mobile FIBC filling container to a customer in Rotterdam harbor area.

Delaere automatic gaylord/octabin erecting system

Delaere supplied a gaylord erecting system to a chemical company in the United States. Gaylords are octagonal boxes which are known in Europe as octabins.

Delaere bigbag transfer and disinfection unit

Delaere supplied a bigbag transfer and disinfection unit to a French company in the food industry.

Launch of Bag on Pallet - Generation 2

Palletless filling of bigbags for products like milk powder, baby milk powder, starches etc.

Mobile PA-6 Bigbag /Octabin Packaging Line

For a PA-6 producer in Germany, Delaere has finalized a mobile filling line to pack  both bigbags and octabins.

Unique high capacity filling station for cacao powder

DELAERE finalized a dedicated filling line for a cacao powder producer in Indonesia. The line was successfully pre-accepted and will be shipped to Surabaya for installation and start-up in the comi