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Mobile Filling lines for a logistic service provider in Thailand

Mobile Filling lines for a logistic service provider in Thailand

Delaere Engineering supplied two mobile filling lines to a logistic service provider in the petro chemical hub located in Map Ta Phut – Rayong, Thailand. These lines will be operated to fill free flowing pellets (ABS, EPS, …) into bigbags. Each unit has a designed capacity of 30 ton per hour and 80% of the bigbags are stacked on each other to simplify logistics.

The Challenge

Mobile filling lines are designed to fill different products into bigbags or octabins at various locations with only one filling line. They are typically operated under silo batteries or in environments where efficient and flexible filling is required. Each mobile line can be customized for in -or outdoor activities. The closed units for outdoor usage can even be upgraded for extreme cold or tropical climates.

These mobile units contain - on a very limited surface area - an entire filling line with pallet dispenser, a weighed filling station, a closing position for finished bigbags, buffer positions and a removal position for finished bigbags.    

The working platform, control boxes, dedusting group, operating panel and docking unit are to be integrated as well in addition the primal functionalities for dosing, filling and weighing.

The solution

In terms of mobility, customers can opt for driven wheels, a rail system or air cushion transport where operators can simply push the 10 ton weighing unit from one filling point towards another. Filling lines on wheels or rails are driven by frequency controlled motors and are operated though a portable remote control.

Contamination free filling of different products and grades is enabled by an automatic washing and drying cycle for the docking unit, the dosing valve and the filling tube. The product contact surfaces are cleaned with integrated spray nozzles and the washing water is removed  by a flexible drain towards an IBC. The drying process is accomplished by a ventilator and a heating element.

The result

Delaere supplied more than 100 mobile units for in -and outdoor filling applications. Thus a proven concept for efficient and flexible filling of bigbags and octabins.

Each unit can be customized according to your requirements and can be upgraded with a lift system for flexible bigbag heights, sealing bars, improved ergonomics, printer label applications, DCS communication etc.